Ep. 66 - The Curse of Danger Island

March 18, 2019

The boys fight back in this animosity filled episode. It seems like Danger Island has left them cursed to never get along again. Andrew shares his new favorite Walmart brand sex toy, Kevin reads a few excerpts from his book, the gang fights over who was and wasn't popular in high school and the wrap it all up with a new take on a classic game NSRG. Can they ever lift the curse??

Ep. 65 - Neighbors

March 11, 2019

Get ready to embark on an auditory adventure with the Podworms on this week's Podworms Spacecast! The Podworms answer a fan's burning questions, confront their neighbors, and discover who they truly are in this week's renditions of Bit Minute and Historical Truths or Dare!

Ep. 64 - Chicken Wing Gloves

March 4, 2019

The boys are BACK! This week, in what might be the most contentious PWSC ever recorded, Andrew tells the story of his recent concert experience, Kevin divulges some of his most disturbing personal information of all time, and finally the gang gets some closure on what the greatest burger joint in town is.

Ep. 63 - Snowpocalypse

February 25, 2019

Make sure your phone is charged for this riveting episode. The boys swap stories of the Seattle snowpocalypse, play a new game called “Phil: Stoned or Stupid” and wrap it all up with a new game about trash tv.

Ep. 62 - Year Of The Worm

February 19, 2019

The Podworms squirm right on back this week with another riveting episode. On this weeks episode, the Podworms discuss having problems with liquids; sometimes at work, other times in their sheets. They then wrap up the episode with a new game called "Either Or"!

Ep. 61 - Danger Island

February 11, 2019

The boys get an update on Rat Watch, learn what happened to Kevin's lost credit cards, and play a thrilling round of America's favorite new game - Danger Island!

Ep. 60 - Hail Ill Wimps

February 4, 2019

Pull your Twix bar out of the sink and get your headphones on, the boys are back with some SERIOUSLY funny content. Mike talks about how much he loves cool creams and sweet treats, Kevin calls out the Podworms for ignoring him, the gang swaps some "drilling" dentistry tales, and they put a rose embroidered bow on the episode with the debut of "The Shame Game." HAIL ILL WIMPS.

Ep. 59 - Mike at Night

January 28, 2019

Gather round the hearth and warm up those peach halves because we've got another episode of the Podworms Spacecast coming directly to your earholes. Mike discusses how he is handling a recurring back injury, the Podworms discuss the government shutdown, and then the episode is wrapped up with another rendition of 10 Minute Movie.

Ep. 58 - $400.00 Steak

January 21, 2019

Clear out your freezer! The boys are back with plenty of content, they just need a place to put it all! Kevin explains how he ended up with $400.00 worth of steak, Chase chronicles the theft of his package, and the gang closes out the show with a round of Over/Under.

Ep. 57 - Lucious Pusey

January 14, 2019

First semi-large podcast recording of 2019, we've got the fantastic five. Andrew comes up with some great names for Sports Game, Kevin updates the gang on Rat Watch 2019, Peter shares some not so great news in a funny way, Mike received a slide whistle and it changed his life, and Chase... just as Chase-y as ever. All in all, this is an episode that you won't want to miss!